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Yoga is a form of meditation; whether the body moves or is motionless, if one truly succeeds in concentrating on the present, it will show that everything is subject to change. That is a liberating experience, but most of the time it is not that easy to be that simple. The physical exercises provide an appropriate instrument for recognizing patterns in your thinking and behavior  and to let go of them.

When you learn to play a musical instrument you receive something special: not only listening to music but being a part of it is a beautiful experience. You will have to practice before you get that far. You are then confronted with your own impatience, the whims of your instrument and embarrassment about your shortcomings. When you persist you will experience moments of becoming one with your instrument, becoming one with the music through your instrument and through the music, becoming one with something for which no words exist and which goes beyond the limits of time and space. If you replace the words a musical instrument with your own body, then the text above applies to yoga, except that no talent is required to participate in this process. Yoga is for everybody.